Power line monitoring drones

Power line monitoring drones designed to monitor the power lines as can be understood by the name.Drones are planes of small size which are remotely controlled by a pilot.Power lines are stretched all over any country for the supply of electricity and in order to keep their maintenance and security we need do something and for that service we use drones. As these power lines can be damaged by many things like following:

1.    Wear and tear by corrosion 2.    Can be damaged by animals and birds 3.    Theft and sabotage

 Wear and tear by corrosion means that as these power cables are in open so due wet weather these metal cables may  get corrosion which may cause in power waste and may cause in cut down in power supply to the areas so to keep check on that drones can be used for surveillance.Power lines can be damaged by animals and birds if they get close to the power lines and get touched by cables which are having high voltage current the animal or bird would die at the spot it’s a loss but on the other hand they may break the power supply  and if that happens to know that from where is the cable damaged we can use drones to know that. Power cables or power lines are usually made of metal and the metal is not cheap so thieves cut the power lines to get the metal and they sell it out either way the power lines are damaged as is the power supply so to keep check drones can be used to petrol without  any risks .Drones used monitoring power lines are specially designed having dual counter rotating propellers and have ability to sense electric field ,acoustic and corona discharge sensing equipment .The ability to sense electric field is installed in drones to sense the presence of electric field around them . drones are used to monitor the power lines and to monitor the flow of power in the lines the electric field sensing ability is installed in them . drones are flown above or near the power cables so that with their ability to sense electric charge field in the power lines and to monitor if the power is flowing or supplied properly or it is losing some energy in the way before the  desired destination due to any cause natural or unnatural. Drones are being used in many developed countries to monitor their power lines as if the power supply is disturbed that may cause a serious trouble to the state as life now a days is totally based on electricity. The countries like U.S.A ,CANADA,AUSTRALIA and UK  are using drones for the purpose as it is a difficult task as well as costly to monitor the power lines . the custom of using drones is growing since few years back .Thermal and infra-red imaging is used to get thermal image and infra-red image by using those images we can detect the unusual increase in the temperature and through infra-red images we can see through concrete to detect and troubling thing. These technology is installed on drones so that when they are used to monitor the power lines the drone can detect the power leakage and any damage done or happened to power lines which on the other hand manually is very hard to task to perform . when the drones are flown to monitor the power cables the thermal camera is giving view of cables to the pilot who is flying the drone is actually checking the cables by thermal view for any uncertain temperature caused by power leakage . as the thermal camera is used infra-red camera is used in the same way for the same purpose and that is to monitor the power lines .Corona discharge effect is an electric discharge brought on an conductor like power liner or cables when surrounded by a liquid  as result  of ionization.when the liquid is electrically charged enough to create a conductive region but not high enough to breakdown the power.continues corona effect is dangerous as it may cause in losing high voltage systems . so to monitor such activity drones are being used to prevent losses .as the drones which are used to monitor the power lines are armed with instrument to sense the corona effect .these instruments attached with drones are being very helpful .Acoustic discharge is actually negative corona effect which is basically the decrease in the discharge voltage and to prevent that drones which are used to monitored such activities happening to the power lines are installed with special instrument which detect or sense acoustic effect. Pilots flying these drones to monitor power lines are directly watching over the cables for any of such problems .

Power monitoring drones are being made in USA and are being used there for the same purpose , as it is impossible to keep check of cables by any other mean and plus that would cost to much.Power lines damaging causes a great loss on economy of a country so to prevent these monitoring drones may be helpful.


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